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How It Works
How It Works

Filtered Categories

The following categories are filtered by default with NG Standard.  A complete list of all categories coming soon.


Sites contain information regarding militias, weapons, anti-government groups, terrorism, overthrowing of the government, killing methods, etc.


Sites promoting cult or gothic subject matter, use of mind control, paranoia, fear, and any other type of psychological control or manipulation.


Sites that promote the use or purchase of illegal drugs. These may include offering marijuana seeds for sale, growing methods,techniques and products for testing clean for drugs, information on acid and/or "mushrooms," and all other forms of narcotics.

Hate and Discrimination

Sites that contain material related to the discrimination of any group based on race, religion, gender, etc.

Illegal activity

Sites that promote illegal activity, such as phreaking, pyrotechnics, computer hacking, credit card number generating, password cracking, surveillance and murder.

Obscene & Tasteless

Sites that involve such things as mutilation, murder, bodily functions, horror, death, candid scenes, executions, violence, etc.


Sites that contain nudity of any sort, vulgarity, including the likes of Playboy, Hustler, and Penthouse.


Dating services pertaining to anything which involves 18 and over dating, lingerie and swimsuits, revealing pictures. Sites that are adult in nature without being explicitly pornographic.

October 20th, 2017, Friday

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