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Net Guardian FAQs

Why is this page blocked - there is nothing wrong with it?
Why isn't this page blocked!?
How can I ask you to review this site and block / unblock it?
What types of websites does Net Guardian block?
What is a profile?
How can I get a profile?
How do I use my profile?

Why is this page blocked?

Pages that normally would not be blocked may be blocked for one of the following reasons:

  1. Virtual Hosting - it is hosted on a server with an excessive number of sites that are legitimately being blocked.  Submit a Block Review and we will see if we can unblock it.
  2. Blocked Category - the site may be classed in a category that is blocked based on the level of NG service you have.  If you think the site is in the wrong category then request a "block review" by clicking on the banner on the top right.  If you believe it is in the correct category but you need access to it you can request a "profile" to temporarily over-ride the filtering.
Why is this page NOT blocked!? (top)

Sometimes a blocked website is just new on the Internet or it was a blocked website which has recently changed its domain or IP address.  Submit a Block Review and we will check out the site and block it.

How can I ask you to block/unblock this site? (top)

Simply click here, or on the Block Review image on the right side.

What types of websites does Net Guardian block? (top)

 Click here to access the list of categories that are blocked by default.

What is a profile? (top)

A profile is a temporary change to the level of filtering which you receive.  A profile consists of a specific profile name and password which allow this, and is only active for as long as the profile window is kept open.  Once the profile window is close, Net Guardian is back on in full. Profiles do not allow access to pornographic websites at any time.

How can I get a profile? (top)

A profile may only be requested by the account name holder. Visit our Profile page to learn more. A profile may be requested via email to:  

How do I use my profile? (top)

For help with using a profile click here.

October 20th, 2017, Friday

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