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Net Guardian Profiles

About Profiles

Profiles are not set up by default but must be requested. A profile may be requested by the account name holder via email to:

If contacting us for a profile, please advise which level of profile you require.

Level 1: Unblock Grey Areas - $10.00 Setup Fee 

This profile is for customers purchasing NG Max or NG Xtreme who occasionally need access to sites

E.g.:,,,,,, and

NOTE: A Level 1 profile may be setup via email request.


Level 2: Only Pornography Blocked - $10.00 Setup Fee

This unblocks all categories with the exception of sites blocked as pornographic

E.g.:  Unblocked categories includes: alternative lifestyles, drugs, anarchy, hate groups, free hosts, criminal skills, alcohol, gambling, obscene, and R-Rated

NOTE:A Level 2 profile may be setup via email request.

Level 3: Bypass All Filtering - $20 Setup Fee

This bypasses all filtering with the exception of Child Pornography, which is illegal to view by law.

NOTE:A Level 3 profile may only be setup via telephone request to the account holder.

Please provide your contact phone number and best time to phone (business hours only).


The setup fees are one off and will appear on your next invoice.


NG Profile FAQs

Is there a charge everytime I use a profile?
No, there is only a one off set up fee - no further charges apply.

I don't see the red window - what does that mean?
Most likely you have pop-up blocking software that is blocking it. Enable pop-ups for the profile login page.

Even with the profile open, pages are still getting blocked - what does that mean?
The profile permits access to all categories except for pornography and child pornography, so the site you are trying to access would be found in one of those categories.  If you think the site is in the incorrect category please fill in the block review page and it will be reviewed.

I need access to some of the blocked categories on an ongoing basis - but don't want to open a profile each time. Are there any other options for me?
Net Guardian's range of services permit you to choose the level of filtering that best suits your needs, and you can even choose the NG Custom service to select which categories to block or unblock, and even to create and customise your own categories.

Using your profile

1. When a page is blocked by Net Guardian, this is the page that will appear:

2. Click in the center on "Use your profile" - this will take you to the Profile Login page.
3. To change your profile, you will need to enter your profile username and profile password.  These are not provided automatically, but must be requested by the account holder. (Haven't requested a profile yet? Click here.)

4. The red profile pop-up box will appear. This will show you what profile you are currently using, and what filters are active on the profile.
5. If you do not see that red window, edit your pop-up blocking software to permit pop-ups from:
6. Your browser window will redirect to the page you wanted to access.

October 20th, 2017, Friday

Block review

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