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Tips for Teens & Kids

Safe and smart surfing tips for kids and teens.

  1. Be aware that people may not be who they say they are on the Internet. An adult could pretend to be a kid your age just to get to know you. Sometimes they can do this over a long period of time to develop your trust.

  2. Do not give out or send personal information such as your address, your phone number, where you go to school or photographs to someone that you only know through the Internet unless you have your parent's or guardian's permission. Do not give out any information that you shouldn't give to a stranger in a park, on the telephone or anywhere else.

  3. Do not agree to meet people that you have met through the Internet until you check with your parents or guardian, and be sure that your parents or guardian attend the first couple of meetings with you. The first meeting should always be in a public place. Explain to your parents why it is important for them to attend the first couple of meetings for your safety and their comfort.

  4. Do not respond to any messages that ask for personal information, messages that are mean or messages that make you feel uncomfortable. You do not have to continue -- sign off and surf off to somewhere else.

  5. Talk to your parents about setting up some rules to ensure that your use of the Internet will be rewarding, fun and safe. Get your parents involved and show them how much fun the Internet can be.

October 20th, 2017, Friday

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