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For Families

View the full range of NetGuardian services for families.

Having a computer and Internet access at home has become commonplace.

As wonderful as the Internet can be, it also has its dark side. Interlaced among the million or so Web sites on the Net are thousands of highly offensive sites relating to child pornography, hate crimes, drugs and alcohol and other issues you would never let into your home.


NetGuardian filtering, when used in conjunction with sensible and smart Internet guidelines for the home, can provide you with powerful features to safeguard yourself and your children when on-line. Besides blocking unwanted sites, Net Guardian includes a search engine foul word filter, password protection and automatic updates.

Furthermore, because tastes differ in what is "objectionable" or not, NetGuardian comes with four different levels of filtering to choose from.

Net Guardian services start at just $3.50 per month - view the full range of NG residential services.

Order Net Guardian today.

October 20th, 2017, Friday

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